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Hi Guys!

Let's TalkThanks for stopping by HappyDowns. Parents, we’ve carved out a section for you where issues affecting you are highlighted. Siblings (yes, we remembered you!), your own section filled with all the stuff that you go through is here for you to learn from other siblings and for you to share your own journey. We recommend that parents check out the “Siblings” section and vice versa, as oftentimes one party does not realize all that the other goes through and it helps when we can see things from each other’s perspective.

So please visit the Main Menu and choose “Parents” or “Siblings” accordingly or just type “parents” or “siblings” in the search bar and all relevant posts will pop up. There are also some posts that deal with advocacy, so if that’s your thing, search for “advocacy” or select it in the Main Menu and check that out. Or maybe you just want to read the latest blog post…that’s cool too. Whatever your preference is, go with it…just don’t leave us hanging…leave a comment so that we can strike up a conversation.

Lastly, here at HappyDowns, we have a few simple rules. It’s very important that in our conversations/discussions we show the utmost respect for each other. So, here’s a little guidance in terms of the language we use:

  • We do not use the word “retarded” or “retard”. Why? In short, retarded means one develops at a slower pace, but most persons do not use it in that context. They instead use it to mean stupid/dumb/lesser than, which you can easily imagine is insulting to persons with intellectual disabilities and their families, as having an intellectual disability does not make one stupid. Taking a longer time to learn something is not the same thing as being stupid.
  • People-first language vs Identity-first language, i.e. saying “children with Down Syndrome” vs “Down Syndrome children”. Our community is still very divided on this and so persons have their preference for which language they use. All we ask is that you be respectful to each other even if you disagree.

We are here to learn from each other and uplift each other. So, let’s talk guys!

Let's Talk

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