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Caregiver Resources


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Here are some resources that we hope you find useful:

MENTAL HEALTH (for Family Caregivers)


CAREGIVER TIPS (to help your Loved One)

Future Planning

Freebies from HappyDowns




Independent Living

Products to help your Loved One:

Household Cleaning:

Personal Hygiene:

FINANCES (to help Family Caregivers)

Wealthy Affiliate – Learn to create your own blog and make money via Affiliate Marketing

Jaaxy – Keyword research tool for blogging

Blossom Themes – Beautiful themes for your blog.

Moneyspire – Software to help you manage your money via budgeting, etc.

Quicken – Software to help you track expenses, etc.

Fiverr – a variety of freelance jobs

Udemy – sell online courses

Teachable – sell online courses

Edx – learn various skills to help you develop professionally

Learn about stocks at Edx or Udemy


resources for family caregivers