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Caregiver Resources


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Here are some resources that we hope you find useful:

FINANCES (to help Family Caregivers)

Wealthy Affiliate – Learn to create your own blog and make money via Affiliate Marketing

Jaaxy – Keyword research tool for blogging

Blossom Themes – Beautiful themes for your blog.

Moneyspire – Software to help you manage your money via budgeting, etc.

Quicken – Software to help you track expenses, etc.

Fiverr – a variety of freelance jobs

Udemy – sell online courses

Teachable – sell online courses

Edx – learn various skills to help you develop professionally

Learn about stocks at Edx or Udemy


CAREGIVER TIPS (to help your Loved One)

Future Planning

Freebies from HappyDowns




Independent Living

Products to help your Loved One:

Household Cleaning:

Personal Hygiene:

resources for family caregivers