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There’s nothing like the thought of independent living…our loved one moving out to live on his/her own…that can send panic straight to the souls of parents and siblings who stand as caregivers. We entertain every reason why they should not move out. We imagine everything that can possibly go wrong. Yet, this does not change the fact that our loved ones desire to be in charge of their own lives…thus, instead of killing ourselves with worry, why not employ all options to get them to their most independent place?

To do this, there are many life skills that they need to learn, e.g. being able to properly clean their homes or cook delicious meals. Personally, I am not a fan of cleaning and I especially dislike cleaning my bathroom, but these tools can help your loved one with Down Syndrome become independent by making an unpleasant job as easy as possible.

Product: Novete Electric Spin Scrubber
Price:  $67.88 (retail)
Average Customer Rank: 4.5/5


  • Charging methods: phone charger, power bank, car charger
  • Handle can be extended, allowing the scrubber length to change from 28.4 inches to 41.2 inches
  • Cleans tiles, tub, shower, floor, bathroom kitchen
  • 3 brush heads: a round, a flat & a corner brush
  • Eliminates dirt in every corner without the need for bending, straining or stretching
  • 60 -90 minutes runtime


  • Charging time: 3.5 – 4.5 hours.

Replacement brush heads can be purchased here.

Product: Yerloa Electric Toilet Brush & Holder
Price:  $29.66 (retail)
Average Customer Rank: 4.7/5


  • 360 degree electric spin
  • Powerful – 300r/min
  • Automatic cleaning of brush with UV light
  • TPR Soft Bristle – No scratching
  • Rechargeable & Cordless
  • Convenient storage which can be mounted on wall, if preferred.
  • Ventilated storage which allows air drying
  • Noise: less than 70db
  • Using time: 1.5 hours


  • charging time: 3 hours

Product: Bissell SpinWave 20393 Electric Mop
Price:  $111.27 (retail)
Average Customer Rank: 4.5/5


  • Safe on sealed hard floors (tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and more!)
  • On-demand spray (spray trigger allows you to control how much formula goes on the floor while cleaning.)
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight & maneuverable
  • Easy-fill clean water tank
  • Washable mop pads (includes reusable (2) scrubby and (4) soft-touch microfiber pads.)


  • Uses power cord.

Replacement mop pads can be purchased here.

I truly hope these tools prove to be helpful to your loved one as they journey towards their independence. Leave a comment below and let us know what tools worked and the ones that did not. Best of luck!


  1. Well what a great revelation, personally I do work with a house keeping company, and I believe coming across this post will really change our operations, for instance in out company we only have manual equipment like the toilet brush, hard brush for the tiles, and many others, but I just learnt there are better cleaning equipments that I never heard before, I will share this post to my bosses and maybe we can upgrade our cleaning standards, I believe using the electronic cleaning materials will boost our operations, thank you for sharing such a wonderful article.

    1. Hello Joy,

      I am happy you found the information useful. I hope these tools do indeed help to boost the housekeeping business.


  2. These products actually look like they could really help adults with Down Syndrome achieve independent living. They are brilliant! I love that everything is electric and easy to use. I really love the Novete Electric Spin Scrubber, I’ll get one of those. This can be used in the entire house… kitchen, bathroom, etc. Quite convenient.

    1. Hi KingAndrea,

      Thank you for stopping by HappyDowns and sharing your thoughts with us. Indeed these tools are easy to use and convenient. I think they will go a long way in helping persons with DS live independently.


  3. These tools are not just helpful to persons with Down Syndrome, but to all of us. As a mom, I am grateful for anything that will make my life easier in terms of all the things I have to do to ensure my home is kept clean. We all can benefit from these bathroom cleaning tools. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hi Roslinecar,

      I am happy that you found these tools applicable to your life and I hope that you will try one of them and let us know how it turned out.


  4. I have always thought that one of the main focuses of technology development should be helping persons with disabilities live Independent lives…as much as us possible. It is great to see these tools that help to get the job done without one having to input too much manual labour. I am sure we all will not miss having to bend and stretch for long periods of time, just to get our bathrooms clean. These tools are great. I think my wife and I should get two.

    1. Hello Wildecoll,

      I agree… technology should be used as much as possible to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. These tools are great for persons with Down Syndrome to try, as many of them wish to live on their own and thus care for their own home.

      I hope whichever tools you and your wife decide to buy, will prove beneficial. Please let us know how it turns out.


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