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Welcome to the final chapter of our financial mini-series, where we will focus on wealth creation. You should now know:

  1. the importance of being aware of your actual financial standing, via tracking.
  2. that financial education is a must.

As you learn about money and wealth, you will realize that having a job is just not enough. You will see that what is important, is not just making enough money to take care of your family, but to also spend time with your family.

In order to have both time and money, you will have to build your wealth on passive income. Having multiple streams of income will also be key, so that you are not dependent on only one source.

What is Wealth Creation?

This is the accumulation of assets over time, thus, continuously improving your financial standing. There are various channels through which you can consistently generate income and thus, create wealth.

I strongly recommend that for whichever channel you choose, you ensure that you do your research and get the facts on what your chosen venture will entail. Once you have become educated in that area, take action and start making some money!

Wealth Creation Vehicles

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingWith affiliate marketing, you basically become the person who promotes someone else’s product/service. Persons normally set up a blog, on which they promote these products/services and are paid in return.

For us caregivers, this can be a viable option, as:

  • this is done online – thus, you can work from home. You have the flexibility of working on your blog at any time of the day…you are not pinned down like in your “9 to 5”.
  • you do not need any licence or certification to become a blogger.
  • you do not have to maintain any inventory/stock (no storage needed).

Recommended Resource: Wealthy Affiliate

  • This platform offers a 5-Level training course entitled “Online Entrepreneur Certification” (one of the many courses/training sessions available). You will learn how to build your own traffic producing website; how to make money online; how to master social engagement (social media) and how to achieve maximum success through content creation.
  • You will not just have access to training, but to a community of affiliate marketers who are eager to answer any question that you may have.


stocksPeople can buy stocks at a cheap price and then when the value goes up, they sell it to make a profit. This is called capital gains. Other persons buy stocks for the dividend – payments that shareholders get from the profits made by the company (passive income).

If this sounds good to you, take the time to get educated about stocks, so that you can make an educated decision as to which companies you want to own a piece of.

Recommended Resources: Fortunately, many courses exist today that will teach you about stocks.

  • Check out Udemy.com for some insightful courses.
  • Edx offers courses.
  • Depending on the country you’re in, your stock market might offer some sort of training material, e.g., the Jamaica Stock Exchange as an online campus (e-campus) that offers courses.

Buying stocks should not be a gamble or a guess. There is actually a method to this madness. Get educated!

Other Vehicles

Many other wealth creation vehicles that produce passive income exists:

  • Real Estate: rental income.
  • Business: Create a business and eventually hire someone else to run it for you.
  • E-commerce: sell products/services online.
  • Selling online courses on Udemy or Teachable.

teachable free webinar

These are more complex and thus, harder for the average person to get into. So, start small and build your way up. Get your personal cashflow under control…get rid of all unnecessary spending and pay off your bad debts.

Also, find ways to make extra money…you can buy and sell stuff (capital gains) and put the money you make into an asset that will produce passive income (e.g., stocks or your blog). Also, if possible, find a mentor (someone who is doing exactly what you want to do) and ask for their help.

wealth creation

Guys, it will take time. You will not get rich overnight. So, do not be hard on yourself, you have enough stress. Be focused and stay the course. Develop the discipline needed to change your life. Now it is time to take action. Change your finances! Good luck!


  1. Having multiple sources of income is definitely smart advice. I am a caregiver too. I run my own affiliate marketing business and enjoy the ability to work from home on my own schedule. Wealthy Affiliate is a great company and offers excellent training for all: from the complete beginners to experienced marketers.

    Investing is tricky, but also a must. One doesn’t necessarily need to become an investor. There are professionals who can do it for you. 

    Thank you for the post.

    ~ Julia

    1. Hi Julia

      Thank you so much for sharing your own experience as a caregiver who makes money online. It’s great to hear how helpful Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be for you.

      All the best with your business!


  2. I agree that it is important to create wealth as early as you can in life. The sooner you start, the better off you will be when you get older.

    Unfortunately, too many people wake up too late and only realize close to retirement that they don’t have enough income to retire on. Having additional sources of income and various income streams going is a great idea to boost your savings, and affiliate marketing is something everyone can do even part-time to boost their financial standing.

    1. Hi Michel,

      You are right…by the time most of us “wake up”…we wish we had done so way sooner. But as you said, thankfully affiliate marketing is something that can be done on a part time basis and by everyone.

      Thank you for stopping by HappyDowns and sharing your thoughts with us.


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