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So today I went to my first counselling session…to deal with the issues that I am having because I am a caregiver. All along I have been trying to hold everything inside and “deal with it”, which honestly meant just ignoring and pretending my issues don’t exist because who has time to think about me…it’s always about everybody else…never me. It got to a point where about a month ago I unexpectedly broke down in front of someone…thankfully it was someone who knew me and my family situation, so it was not that embarrassing…still embarrassing, but not too bad. I realized that day that I need professional help.

Professional Help is Expensive

I need professional help

Yes…yes it is. The thought of me going to counselling was something I had always played with over the years. In my research, I must admit, the cost per session was always a deterrent. I even researched online counselling (you know the type where you don’t have to leave the house and a complete stranger in some other country is your counsellor)…but the cost was still not appealing. YET, there is hope. In my case, I was fortunate enough that the Jamaica Down Syndrome Foundation started offering counselling in 2018. The first session is free and any subsequent sessions are 1/5 the cost of what these sessions normally cost. Also, I found that certain organizations, e.g. churches, provide FREE counselling.

PLEASE get Help!

So if it means that you have to contact the DS Foundation is your neighbourhood or your local church or any other organization that you think could provide counselling for free or at a reduced cost, then do it. Make the call. Do not wait until you are at your breaking point and you embarrass yourself publicly or even worse things happen. You are a caregiver, but who’s taking care of you? Right now, you have to make the choice to take care of you. Get the professional help that you need. You deserve to be taken care of too.

I need professional help


  1. First off I do sincerely hope you keep this website running, the whole site is very informative. Second this article itself is wonderful and so realistic to the struggles that caregivers have. Many,like yourself in the post do not take the time for self care. Or even worse they feel that if they do take time for self care ie downtime for themselves then they feel guilty. They feel guilty because they think it is taking away from the one needing their caregiving. For those in the caregiving community. Take care of yourselves!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      You brought up such an amazing & REAL point…caregivers feeling GUILTY when we take time for ourselves, as we see it as taking time away from the one that we are caring for. This is SO true. But if we (caregivers) are not doing well then that does more harm than good to our loved ones. So, indeed we MUST take care of ourselves.

      Thank you so much for visiting HappyDowns and sharing your thoughts and your encouraging words about the website. Feel free to stop by anytime and tell us your thoughts.

      Take care!

  2. Most say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. It was inspiring and gave me some things to think about for myself. I lost my faith many years ago and still cannot wrap my head around it. I sometimes wish I could have contacted a professional to help me out but I failed. But with that said I do enjoy reading some good literature from time to time on the subject. Your insight is fantastic and I will look for your other articles.Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Abioye,

      I am happy this post inspired you. I am so sorry that you lost your faith. You may not have been able to see a professional back then, but there’s no time like the present. From there is life, there is hope. Happy to hear that you read every now and then to help you get through.

      Feel free to visit HappyDowns anytime and definitely share your thoughts whenever you visit us.

      Take care!

  3. At first I didn’t understand the fact that professional help is expensive, but I later decoded your expression.

    This is an inspiring article and it’s a great way to review your own situation and to recognize in what type of life situation you are right now. The checklist you created will definitely give the answer, awesome, thank you!

  4. Oh! this is an eye opening post. 

    It is not so cool keeping depressing issues to oneself. there is a general saying and i quote ” problem shared is a problem half solved”. I knew there are personnel that are trained to give professional counselling or help but i never knew there charges could be somehow, well thanks to “Jamaica down syndrome foundation”. I hope for more of this such foundation.

    This article reveal the fact that it is advisable to seek for help when we need it. Thanks so much for this write up. 

    1. Hello Michael,

      I really like your quote, “a problem shared is a problem half solved”. It makes me think that allowing people to help us is indeed a good thing, instead of thinking that we should carry our burdens alone. Yes, indeed we all need more organizations who are willing to help us access the help required to deal with our emotional issues, as mental health is just as important as physical health.

      Feel free to visit HappyDowns anytime & share your thoughts.

      Take care!

  5. Unfortunately many people are living this kind of life and it has caused a lot of damage to them. A solitary life is not the best for anyone. Being alone all the time could lead to depression and thought of evil may begin to set in. There must be balance in the life of a person. Some may be living a solitary life because of bad experiences causing them not to have relationships or socialise but still it’s not the best.

    1. Hi Achievers,

      Thank you for sharing your insight. Indeed, some persons have had negative experiences that have shaped their decision to not socialize, but I would encourage those persons to not give up on people…there are still some good people left in this world and when you find one of those persons, make sure you nurture that relationship and keep that friendship going.


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