i wish my sister did not have down syndrome

Confessions Of A Sibling – I Wish My Sister Did Not Have Down Syndrome

So, I often see articles where persons speak about how much of a blessing it is to have a sibling/child with Down Syndrome (DS). Honestly, I struggle with this sentiment. Do I love my sister? Absolutely. I think she’s a fabulous chick. I also think what makes her fabulous has nothing to do with DS…it’s …

sexual assault awareness
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Sexual Assault Awareness Month – I Ask

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the US and the theme for 2019 is ‘I Ask’. This year’s theme is all about consent…why it’s important to ask for someone’s consent, how to ask for consent and respecting if someone says “No”. What Is Consent? Consent is basically asking for someone’s permission to do something …

disability day of mourning

Disability Day of Mourning – March 1

MURDER – The crime of intentionally killing a person (Cambridge Dictionary). The International Disability Day of Mourning (DDoM) is recognized worldwide every year on March 1st. People across the globe join to remember persons with disabilities who were murdered by their parents/caregivers/family members. Yep…you read right…murdered…and apparently this happens often enough that there’s an actual …

oh crap
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Oh Crap! 3 Tips For Wiping Your Butt

What can I say? Shit happens…literally. Bathroom woes are an all too common occurrence for a caregiver. I know this is not a topic that anybody really wants to address, but as caregivers, this is a constant battle for us. How do we get our loved ones to wipe their butts properly after they use …