foot care tips
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6 Foot Care Tips from the Podiatrist (Foot Doctor)

I have been concerned about my sister’s feet for some time now, due to the following reasons: It appears she has “flat feet”. She has calluses on the sole of her feet She complains that the calluses sometimes hurt She’s overweight The fact that she was feeling any sort of pain worried me. What does …

employment for adults with down syndrome
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Employment for Adults with Down Syndrome – Is There any Hope?

Employment for adults with Down Syndrome (DS) has been and continues to be an uphill battle, especially for those of us who live in countries that are slow to progress in relation to all things affecting persons with special needs. I live in what is categorized as a third world country and I can tell …

health problems related to down syndrome
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5 Health Problems Related to Down Syndrome

Having Down Syndrome (DS) does not mean that your loved one will always be ill or that they will have any of the health problems listed in this post. This is because, quite frankly, everyone is different and thus, there is no “one size fits all” diagnosis. Nevertheless, it would appear that there are indeed …

Can people with Down Syndrome have babies
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Can People with Down Syndrome have Children?

This is a question many of us caregivers ponder. Can people with Down Syndrome have children? The answer to this question will bring joy to some and to others, a whole new dimension of fretting in an already topsy-turvy world. This would be a good time to insert a deep inhalation followed by a long …