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Happy Siblings Day to those brothers and sisters known as “Sibs”. You are a “Sib” if you grew up with a brother or sister who has a disability. We are sometimes called “The Others”. We are our parents’ other children…and some of us really had experiences that led us to feel as if the attention was never on us.

confessions of a sibling

An Array of Emotions

We grew up travelling a road filled with many emotions…fear, helplessness, worry, insecurity, always putting other people before us…and we still travel this road today. Many of our experiences and feelings never voiced, persons have no idea how we really feel on the inside. It’s A LOT!

So Today, Sibs, I Celebrate You!

I applaud you for your big heart. I celebrate your selflessness. I commend your commitment to your loved one. BUT, today I implore you:

  • Make it about YOU today
  • Do one fun thing
  • Take 5 minutes to youself…lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to
  • Be KIND to yourself today
  • Celebrate YOU today

You Are Wonderful

…and you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Don’t let the world have to lose out on who you are. I know it’s hard…darn near impossible…but live your own life. YOU matter!

you are doing a good job


  1. This was a wonderful article of hope and pride and opened a new perspective for me what it means to be a ‘sib.’ I did not deal with that growing up (we had our own set of challenges, but not this), so really this is the first time I am reading about it from an insider perspective that you bring to the subject.

    I also did not know that there was a thing called Siblings Day, but it makes a lot of sense to celebrate those who have been raised in such an environment. I would imagine, although trying at times, it also affords the opportunity to develop into a much more empathetic person in tune to people around them.

    The many trials and trying times, and the sacrifice, real or imagined all combine to make having a special day of recognition something that makes sense and means a lot, for all involved in this type of situation. I salute all Siblings on their special day and thank them for being who they are. 

    I thank you for bringing me and others’ attention to this day and to the people who are so deserving of their moment in the spotlight. We can all learn and benefit from what Siblings do and are. We are better for knowing you…

    1. Hi Dave,

      I must sincerely thank you for your incredibly kind words. Every Sib’s journey is different…some will say indeed it has made them more empathetic, others will tell you that the bad outweighed the good. Nevertheless, we applaud all “Sibs” for pushing through their situation…whatever that may be.


  2. Hi Alicia

    This is a nice, uplifting post. My sister pointed out Sibling Day. We’re separated by an entire planet; she’s in Chicago and I’m in Australia, which makes it very difficult to talk regularly. I think that separation has resulted in an ongoing rift, but we’re making progress to get rid of that.

    Life has a slew of challenges for everyone and, like each of us, they are unique.



    1. Hi Dave,

      I am happy to hear that you are making progress in enhancing your relationship with your sister. In this age of technology, you guys can use it to your advantage to do the best that you can to keep the bond going. I believe family is important, cherish your sister and make time for each other…you never know when the time will come to say goodbye.

      Take care!

  3. Hi Alicia, thanks for this post.

    I’m the eldest son in a family of three children. Since I’ve come of age, I’ve been the provider for my siblings since we are orphans. I always work myself out just to put food on the table for them and to sponsor their education because I dropped out. Though the two studies back home in Nashville, we hardly have time for communication as I’m always busy. Thanks for sharing this reminder. Even if its just today, let me live solely just for myself.

    1. Hello RoDarrick,

      I am very happy to hear that you have decided to take the day for yourself. Self care is very important. We must be at our best if we want to give of our best to our loved ones.

      Take care!

  4. This is perfect for me. Though I have always been the sole provider for my family. I have a brother who has been in a vegetative state for the past 1year. He got involved in an accident and his kid’s upbringing has fell on me since his wife was dead. I have been working my ass out since that time and I must say I’ve forgotten how it feels to have special moments for myself. Thanks for this post, I will take proper care of myself hence and particularly, I will dedicate today for myself. I think I deserve a fullday at the beach.

    thanks for this.

    1. Hello Darrick,

      I am sorry to hear about your brother’s accident. I applaud you for stepping in to ensure that your nieces and/or nephews are okay. Yes, you should indeed celebrate you. Enjoy the beach!


  5. I love the spirit and content of your post.  I believe that all children, regardless of their capabilities are to be treated with the same importance and your post really resonated with me.  It is imperative that we all feel valued and loved, appreciated and nurtured as children to feel important and worthwhile.  A very connected and  vibrant site you have here! Certainly an avenue to raise awareness and spread a good vibe!  Kudos and keep up the great work!  

    1. Hi Bex,

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Feel free to visit HappyDowns any time and share your thoughts with us.


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