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I never asked for this. I am a sibling who over time became the primary caregiver for my younger sister who has Down Syndrome. I have no children of my own and I am not married. So, one would think that I should be, as the song goes, “free, single and disengaged”. I should be “living it up”, focusing totally on my needs, making whatever choices I deem fit.

I Do Not Want To Be A Caregiver

But, here I am…emotionally attached and captive…having responsibilities I wish I didn’t. I do not want to be a caregiver…truth is, I was not prepared for it…financially nor emotionally…and it is draining me in both respects. This thing was thrust upon me and I wish that was not the case.

In my mind, caregiving is a prison. I am bound to be actively responsible for another life, for the rest of my life. There is no escape. It’s just not fair. I did not ask for this…this was not my doing. Why am I now responsible?

Caregiver: Alicia caregiver confessions Country: Jamaica

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