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I live with my mom and my sister who has Down Syndrome. I do all the shopping and cooking, plus other chores around the house. Also, my own physical health is not the best.

Despite all that I do for my mom and sister, my mom makes me feel as if she is doing me a favor by allowing me to stay at the house, despite the fact that I pay rent.

I feel unloved & unappreciated

I love both my mom and my sister, and I love helping out, but I am made to feel as if I have no right to complain or express my dislike for anything. If I disagree with anything, my mom says I am selfish or immature.

I feel like my mom doesn’t even care about me unless I am helping with my sister. I feel like my mom’s love is tied to how much I do for my sister. It’s like that is the only time that I am of value…it’s like she thinks that my sole purpose is to be my sister’s helper. I am so angry about my situation and I want to move out, but I feel guilty about leaving my sister behind.

I feel unloved and unappreciated.

Caregiver: Bridgette caregiver confessions Country: USA

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