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It’s the end of another year and of course this is a time that many of us reflect and think on the things that we did or did not do and determine our next step forward. So, I found myself looking back over my life and I found that from the perspective of being a sibling, there are 3 things in my life that I would have done differently.

Looking Back

Career Choice

Back in high school, I excelled in the science subjects. Based on this fact alone, I went on to university to pursue…you career choiceguessed it…the sciences. At this point, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life…didn’t have a “passion” or “purpose”. If this describes you, know that there is nothing wrong if you want to do a degree in Chemistry, Biology, etc. Just ask yourself what will you be able to do with this degree once you have it.

We have to remember that every country is different, thus a science degree will help one excel in Country A, while the same degree will make you homeless and hungry in Country B. Also, just because I did well in the sciences, does not mean I had to do a degree in natural sciences. I could have and honestly believe to this day that I should have pursed engineering, e.g. chemical engineering.

In my country, Engineers are highly sought after and are more likely to climb the ranks in a company than a person with a natural science degree. These are the things one has to look at when entering college. What is the best degree to ensure that you maximize your earning potential?

Because the truth is, when you become a caregiver for your sibling, it is costly. Any type of therapy, eyeglasses, doctor visits, somewhere to live, food, etc. all come at a cost. It is hard enough trying to cover my own bills much less to add another person to that equation.

Looking back, I strongly believe that siblings who are not sure of their “passion” or “purpose” should choose the degree that will position them for the best paying job/career. As life goes on you will find your “passion” but until then, make as much money as you can and save towards your passion…because when you find it, you will need money to make that career change.


entrepreneurshipAs the years went by, I realized that working “9 to 5” was definitely not for me. This thing about working 40 hours a week (minimum) for the rest of my life, building someone else’s dream is just not attractive and can be quite frustrating and depressing.

I later realized that what I really wanted was to be an entrepreneur and obtain financial freedom. I wish I was exposed to entrepreneurship when I was young and realized that this was actually an opportunity, instead of just thinking that all we should aim to be are doctors and lawyers.

Being able to have my own businesses and having multiple streams of income will erase the daily worry that I have about taking care of myself and my sister. I will actually have time to spend with my sister and make good memories.


Lately, what I have learnt is that: whatever you want to do/achieve…if you want to be an employee, if you want to be an healthentrepreneur…whatever the case, your body needs to be able to keep up with your mind (all the plans/goals/dreams that you have).

So, I wish I had paid keen attention to ensuring that I took care of my health…physical and mental. In order to help our siblings, we must be our best self. We must take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others.

As we go into the new year, what are some things that you wish you had done differently and what steps do you plan to take going forward? Let’s talk about them and I wish you all the best for the new year…may your dreams for you and your family come true!


  1. This is actually a very important topic. Everyone faces the same kind of questions when they reach their year’s end. Your story was really inspiring and motivating for me personally. I loved reading your story. It just gives me a lot of opportunities to learn from your story. I love how you don’t like to work 9-5 jobs. I’m also not a fan of working a 40 hours a week job. I took a lot from this journal, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. This is a very interesting article.  to take a look at the big picture and keeping yourself in a position to help and take care of the people around you.

    You cant be scared to do new things and try new things.  Myself I am raising my grandson and part of that is I have an online business that pays to help us do the extra things that we want to do in life.

    Thank you for taking the tome to write an informative article.


    1. Hi Dale

      Firstly, let me lift my hat to you for raising your grandson…I can only imagine the love and bond between you too.

      Indeed, taking care of our loved ones takes planning, vision and hard work. I wish continued success for you and your online business and all the best to you and your family.


  3. Hello there! I love your post. It touches on something that’s very real for so many of us – what to do with our lives. I had a similar experience. Since I was pretty good at math and science, I majored in biology and minored in chemistry with the aim of becoming pre-med and work as a doctor someday. 

    But, I could not  feign the truth. There was no passion in me to help people in this way. I eventually switched my major to psychology and minored in communication. Although, this is more up my alley, it still did not bring me anywhere. I am moved to help people, but I just haven’t figured out exactly how. 

    Maybe it will be through my words..

    Thank you for your terrific post, 


    1. Hi Jose,

      Indeed this thing called life is a journey. I am happy to hear that you are trying new things and don’t worry about trying them and then realising that it’s not what you thought it would be…all you do helps to prepare you for the things that will give you purpose.

      Also, I don’t believe that we are to do just one thing in life. I think we go through levels…so today you may find yourself helping others through your writing and then 10yrs from now you can find yourself helping others another way. As I said, life is a journey…just continue doing good.


  4. The three things you mention that perhaps you would have done differently are all areas that I also have reflected on at one time or another over the years, yet they do not fall into the top three for me. Most certainly your career path, the subject of entrepreneurship, and your health are major areas of one’s life and worthy of self-reflection…

    Yet my three things I would have done differently are on a more personal level, perhaps as significant as the three you discuss, and also hard to change or fix (but not impossible). If I had a chance, I would be less trusting when it comes to the business world, I would have worked harder on my family relationships, and I would have been more serious about my religious beliefs and practices… 

    These all result from less than desirable outcomes in each area, but as with your three things, are not impossible to change, as each day brings new opportunities and doors open when some close. That is how I am approaching all of the things, and it works for me.

    In each, I am actively working to change the story thread, and make what was no more. It is working to a degree, and I guess I would only have regrets if I did not work at this, and I do not need more regrets! This was another thought-provoking article, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thank you so much for sharing your 3 Things with us. All 3 are important areas of my life and you have given me something to think about…I need to work on these areas too. You have also encouraged me to keep on improving and to ensure that I have as little regrets as possible. Thank you & all the best!


  5. Thank you for this post. Its such an important topic that you’ve raised again. 

    The areas you’ve written about in your post are the areas I have reminisced about before and they are really germane to a person’s development. But I would have loved to take a different approach to addressing the following three things. Firstly, be more open when it comes to my emotion. I ended up becoming a mere friend with a lady I wished would become my wife because I was too shy to express my love. Also I wished I never wasted anytime working 9-5 at all. Being my own boss is the best decision I’ve taken. 

    1. Thank you so much Darrick for sharing your personal experiences with us. Depending on what’s going on in your lady friend’s life…maybe it’s not too late to let her know. I agree about the 9 to 5, it’s just that most of us have to start there before we can make the transition to entrepreneurship. Indeed I wish I had started my entrepreneurship journey earlier…but I believe nothing happens before it’s time. So best of luck to you as you continue your journey.


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